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How to Use Tumblr as a Beginner

Tumblr has an essential function to bloggers when it comes to their blogging. The platform makes it easy for the bloggers to share their ideas and express their sentiments easily. It also ensures that the bloggers, whether the experienced bloggers or the newbies do publish their articles on various subjects that they may be discussing. A blogger is able to come up with a page when using the Tumblr platform, where it comes it for the publication of the blogs. This makes Tumblr the best place and as well the best platform for experienced and newbie bloggers, who may be referred to as beginners. Nonetheless, beginner bloggers may have a hard time using and operating Tumblr for their blogging. Availability of various tools and features in the platform is the reason for this. Due to this, being well informed of the various features and tools available on Tumblr and as well how to use it is one of the things that a beginner should be focused on. A beginner’s guide to use Tumblr as a blogging platform is as illustrated below.

Forming an account is the first step to using Tumblr as a beginner blogger. Before you even get to experience the various features available in Tumblr, you need to first create your own account. By opening an account, you can freely and simply view the tools and features that make your blogposts to go through. When you are forming a Tumblr account, an email and a strong username are some of the things you are supposed to have. The purpose of having a username and a password that is unique is to ensure that there is the maintenance of the privacy and security of the account. The other step to using Tumblr as a beginner is describing the kind of blogposts you will be making.

Using Tumblr as a beginner requires you to have an integrated description of the blogposts you are making. There are diverse varieties of blogs. Some of the blogposts that you may make include the professional ones as well as the personal ones. Professional blogs are those that may be used for business marketing practices whereas those made for personal use may basically be for fun. Classifying the kind of blogs that you will be dealing with is therefore crucial.

Understanding the Tumblr’s dashboard is as well another thing you should focus on as a newbie or rather a beginner. There numerous operations that are accessed through the dashboard of Tumblr once you login to the account. Therefore, to ensure that your time in the account is easy, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the dashboard, where you understand the various features and tools that can be accessed from the dashboard.